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Client Testimonials

“Oil lease – My family has mineral rights on a property in southern Illinois. An oil exploration company wanted us to sign a lease agreement pertaining to other interests besides oil. Russ did a great job figuring out whether the lease offer was reasonable and fair!”– David

“Family Will – Russ did a great job for us. He was timely and accurate with his assistance. I have always enjoyed working with Russ and will continue to use his services in the future.”– Charles

“Integrity with a Smile – Mr. Brown was very proactive with my consultation, empathizing with my situation and providing me with options to follow including his recommendations. He helped me out a lot and did it with enthusiasm!”– A Satisfied Client

“Russ Brown get ‘s the job done in a professional way. – My problem may have seemed a small problem to some. But to a small business owner it was serious. Russ Brown stepped in and helped and we got results immediately.”– Gene

“Mr Brown took care of business.. – I recently had a few questions regarding a real estate situation. Mr. Brown was able to provide the answers I needed in fairly short order and get me back on track.”– Glen

“Professional as you can get and quite human. – Russell has been an indispensable attorney for the past 15 years. He has provided amazing guidance for my will and estate planning. He is a plethora of information. A friend and trust worthy confident. He treats everyone with respect, dignity and as family.”– Georgina

“Attorney Brown’s commitment to local community! – Mr. Brown has gone above and beyond to help local business owners – he regularly speaks on business formation and start-up topics through the Entrepreneurship Center and the local SBDC office. We so appreciate his expertise and willingness to explain the basics to those interested in going into business or furthering their existing business. He clearly cares to promote local entrepreneurs, as he gives his time so willingly. Thanks Russ!”– Kristin

“Small business and general legal work – Mr. Brown has worked for me on a number of legal issues in the past, and I continue to use him as my primary attorney. He has provided sound advice concerning tenant contracts, and small business structuring. When I have brought him legal issues outside his primary concentration, he has advised me within the scope of his experience to include being upfront about the matter then referring me to solid counsel when needed for a specific issue.”– Paul

“Honest and reliable. – I am not a trusting person. I assumed he was going go through the motions and just get paid. But he really helped me decide what course of action and no pressure to peruse an avenue of greed. He was tough for me when I could no longer be. Thanks Russell Brown.”– Roberta

“Wills done painlessly – My husband and I used Mr. Brown for the creation of our wills – since we have children, we needed to be sure that they would be cared for by the appropriate people in the event of our demise. Mr. Brown advised us on how to set up a trust, and to help ensure that our children’s inheritance can’t be ‘frittered’ away by either the children or their guardians. I’m very pleased.”– Brenda

“Lease Contract – Needed a quick update to a contract for leasing equipment. Fast turn around and very helpful!”– Marcus

“vs Condo association – Russ did a spectacular job reviewing all facts related to our situation and was able to make an arrangement that worked out for both parties. His services were invaluable to both my wife and I.”– Stewart

“Recommendation for Russ Brown – Having worked with Russ Brown as my lawyer, he fulfilled all the necessary duties.

He wrote an LLC business package for me and my business partner and helped us to complete all the necessary parts.
Russ worked as a lawyer and consultant in a real estate project. He wrote a contract for the business and a prospective buyer, helping us in all the legal aspects of the real estate offer. He did necessary research, arranged and attended meetings, and provided information that was pertinent to the business.

During the time that he was representing the business, he was deployed to Iraq. While he was gone, he secured another lawyer to represent us and carry out his duties and responsibilities. Upon his return, he stepped back into his responsibilities without hesitation. I was very satisfied with his work.

Russ also helped with several other legal issues for my personal family. He settled the legal issues by writing letters and making phone calls to the involved parties. All issues were settled favorably and were done pro bono. I can’t thank him enough for the work he has done for me and my family.

Russ Brown is a knowledgeable, responsible, and dependable lawyer and in the event I would need legal advice in the future, I would not hesitate to call him. I would also recommend him to friends and family.


Jane Vargo”– Jane

“Good Resource – I have used Mr. Brown to review & write contracts, review NDA’s and set up a trust for deceased friends daughters. Mr. Brown has always been very quick to respond and provided thorough advice. On more than one occasion I have needed a very quick turnaround for a new client and Mr. Brown came through in the time I needed. Without reservation I recommend Mr. Brown for business legal services.”– Marcus Merideth, PE