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Transactions & Litigation/ADR

Navigating the often murky legal waters when running a business of any side can be complex, and without the right help, you can find yourself overwhelmed or facing a host of negative consequences. Since operating a business or getting one off the ground can be confusing and feel like too many components need to be tracked, having a third-party helper can be particularly valuable. Especially in the legal realm, corporate transactional lawyers can make the difference between a successful endeavor and a costly one.

At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, we take pride in the level of knowledge and expertise we are able to provide to our clients. Whether litigating in the courtroom or finding an alternative solution to your business’s current dispute, we are confident that we can provide the best business litigation attorney available in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

When your business runs into a roadblock with another party that seems impassable, litigation may appear the only reasonable option. However, with the right Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) lawyer and firm, many other avenues are available. Primarily, alternative dispute resolution positions itself as an alternative to courtroom litigation and aims to provide a neutral solution to the problem at hand.

Through techniques like mediation and arbitration, litigation can often be avoided. This can be beneficial to both parties since even though compromises are often made, it may end up saving everyone involved time and money.

Meditation can be especially valuable since it relies on a far less formal setting with a neutral third party ensuring that each side of the dispute is heard before finding a solution. By analyzing the situation neutrally, the solution can typically become apparent by examining the original agreement and any other legal factors that can play into the situation. After having completed this analysis, there can be a range of next steps and possible solutions.

With the assistance of an outstanding ADR law firm in the Ann Arbor, MI, area, you will have a wide array of options available to you, all of which can be explained in depth alongside considerations of their benefits and drawbacks. Following this consideration, we can choose to proceed with alternative dispute resolution options like arbitration and mediation or proceed with more drastic action.

However, this is typically a process of escalation, which means first attempting mediation to see whether each side is willing to compromise or engage in ADR in any way. Mediation will consist of discussing the situation in a non-hostile environment with a third-party mediator to facilitate a smooth and productive conversation. The team at R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law are seasoned mediators and will assist you in reaching the goals you have in resolving the dispute while simultaneously ensuring you have a full grasp of the situation and the implications that come along with it.

If the issue cannot be resolved through mediation, arbitration is often the next step. With a more formal setting and results, arbitration aims to offer an alternative to the complete court process. Rather than presenting your case to a judge or jury, arbitration requires a presentation to an uninterested third party. This may be a lawyer or simply an expert in the field, but the results and pending decisions offer a solution without the need for litigation. This will save both [arties time and money, allowing them to focus on their businesses rather than a costly and inefficient court proceeding.

On the other hand, transactional business law can be a solution to a wide variety of needs faced by businesses of all sizes. Whether you are considering forming a business entity or already have an established organization of considerable measure, there are likely a host of legal necessities on the road ahead for either. From the formation of an entity to the drafting and negotiation of contracts and agreements, R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law are ready and waiting to help.

Paperwork can also bog down daily operations at your business, especially come tax season. However, with the assistance and guidance of a corporate transactional lawyer, you can rest assured knowing that all the necessary and required paperwork has not only been filed but done so correctly.

To begin exploring the options available for your business, the next step is scheduling a consultation with the best transaction and litigation law firm in Ann Arbor, MI. We will begin by examining the needs of your business and the current status of the situation and determine how to best proceed. If the situation calls for alternative dispute resolution or transactional law, we will be more than ready to handle whatever may come. If litigation becomes the probable future, rest assured that you will be in good hands. Call R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law today for more information.

Transactions & Litigation Law

When two parties come together to do business, it is essential to enlist the legal assistance of a transactions & litigation lawyer. The majority of businesses, if not all, normally require assistance with transactions and transactional contracts. Depending on the business, transactions can vary from real estate property acquisition to intellectual property affairs. Indeed, the types of transactions a business may need are numerous. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our transactions and litigation lawyer can help draft and revise transactional contracts. We can also help with negotiations and disputes that develop in transactions. If a transactional matter cannot be negotiated or settled outside of court, we are prepared to litigate the matter in court.

Business Litigation Law

A business litigation issue can arise from various types of issues relating to business and commerce. When two parties or entities cannot find common ground to resolve a matter outside of court, it may be time to look into litigation. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our business litigation lawyers have decades of combined experience litigating business matters and disputes in court. We understand the prowess it takes to litigate in court. As such, our seasoned business litigation lawyers can unravel even the most complex cases to ensure a favorable outcome in court.

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