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Transactions & Litigation/ADR

Transactions & Litigation Law

When two parties come together to do business, it is essential to enlist the legal assistance of a transactions & litigation lawyer. The majority of businesses, if not all, normally require assistance with transactions and transactional contracts. Depending on the business, transactions can vary from real estate property acquisition to intellectual property affairs. Indeed, the types of transactions a business may need are numerous. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our transactions and litigation lawyer can help draft and revise transactional contracts. We can also help with negotiations and disputes that develop in transactions. If a transactional matter cannot be negotiated or settled outside of court, we are prepared to litigate the matter in court.

Business Litigation Law

A business litigation issue can arise from various types of issues relating to business and commerce. When two parties or entities cannot find common ground to resolve a matter outside of court, it may be time to look into litigation. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our business litigation lawyers have decades of combined experience litigating business matters and disputes in court. We understand the prowess it takes to litigate in court. As such, our seasoned business litigation lawyers can unravel even the most complex cases to ensure a favorable outcome in court.

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