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Experienced Ann Arbor Lawyer Handles A Wide Range Of Issues

At R.D. Brown, PLC in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we serve clients throughout the state in an array of business law, intellectual property, civil litigation, and employment law matters. Since 2000, our firm has provided community-focused counsel and staunch representation for clients across a range of industries and at all levels of leadership, from recent employees to individuals in senior management.

Skillful Legal Advocate Formulates Innovative Strategies To Resolve Complicated Matters

People come to our firm with their complicated legal challenges because we are known for our:

  • Seasoned Courtroom Litigation — With our extensive experience and knowledge of applicable Michigan laws, we help clients handle complex business law matters both in and outside the courtroom.
  • Competent Business Counsel — We advise clients across all sectors and tiers of management, providing competent business counsel for individuals, small and mid-market entities, non-profit organizations, and the military.
  • Personalized Case Attention — We treat each case with the personalized attention it deserves, as clients work one-on-one with an attorney to achieve successful resolutions to their legal issues.

When you entrust your case to our firm, we will carefully evaluate each component to help you make an informed determination regarding next steps.

Adept Business Law Authority Provides Focused Guidance

You can rely on R.D. Brown, PLC’s recognized proficiency in the following areas:

  • Business Law — Whether you need a corporate buy and sell agreement drafted, a contract reviewed or developed, or a business formed, our firm has the experience and background to advise and guide you throughout all types of business law matters.
  • Intellectual Property Law — From protecting proprietary technology to creating licensing agreements, we help you grow the value of your intellectual property.
  • Civil Litigation — Our commercial and civil litigation services include representation and negotiation for such matters as breaches of contract.
  • Employment Law — If you’re an employer who has been threatened with a discrimination lawsuit, we can review your situation and execute a strategy for resolution.

With nearly two decades of experience, our firm provides proven advice and advanced approaches to resolve even the most complex business law matters.

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R.D. Brown, PLC in Ann Arbor, Michigan helps clients across the state with a wide range of business law matters. Call our office today at (734) 315-4497 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.

Meet Attorney

Russell D. Brown

Russell D. Brown

Accomplished and creative business attorney with twenty plus years of combined law and business experience in private industry and government. Advisor and legal counsel for many small and mid-market businesses, non-profits, individuals, and the military. Skilled in business consulting and development, mergers and acquisitions, multi-national contract development and implementation, employment issues, intellectual property protection, complex commercial litigation, and negotiation and dispute resolution.



Business And

Commercial Law

A considerable portion of our practice focuses on representing clients in various business and commercial matters. Our business and commercial Lawyers regularly assist clients with issues relating to corporate governance, non-competes, trade secret agreements, contract disputes, contract agreements, business creation, transactions, and more. When it comes to resolving our clients’ needs, our business and commercial lawyers take the time to understand all aspects of our clients’ businesses and industries. By doing so, our business and commercial lawyers can ensure that our clients receive personalized attention and advocacy. Our client base ranges from individual business owners to corporations, partnerships, executives, shareholders, and anyone else looking for exceptional business and commercial law counsel.


An agreement between an executive employee and their employer is typically much more expansive than a usual employment agreement. As a result, an agreement between an executive and their employer can contain comprehensive terms and conditions that lists an array of expectations and obligations. When such an agreement is in the works, it is always a good idea to involve a savvy executive contract lawyer. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our executive contract lawyer has assisted executives and employers alike with executive contract matters. Our objective is to make sure that key contractual obligations are specified and detailed to minimize any disharmony or disagreement that can develop later on between parties.

Many businesses rely on the significance and importance of their intellectual property to set them apart from their competition. Accordingly, it is wise to have certain protections in place to make sure that your intellectual property is not misappropriated, infringed upon, or violated. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, our intellectual property lawyer offers clients strategic and invaluable counsel on how to manage and protect their intellectual property. Whether it is a patent, copyright, or trade secret, our intellectual property lawyer has the expertise to help safeguard your most valuable assets.

Operation of law matters can be quite complicated and challenging to resolve. If an operational dispute emerges, it is highly advised to consult with a knowledgeable operational disputes lawyer. An operational disputes lawyer can assess the issue and determine the best options to solve the matter at hand. At R.D. Brown PLC Attorneys & Counselors at Law, we are committed to efficiently and effectively resolving a variety of operational disputes. Our vast experience allows us to advise clients on the solutions that will yield agreeable results.

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